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The Live Naked Bar Swap

The Live Naked Bar Swap

The Live Naked Bar Swap is an annual competition that brings together some of the world’s best bartenders for a unique exploration of cultures, creativity and cocktails…

Scroll down for more info on the competition, our fabulous winners and their 'stripped back' winning Naked Sours 👇

Illustrated logo for the Naked Malt Bar Swap competition


Competing bars across the globe are challenged to create a ‘Stripped Back Naked Sour’ before attending a truly unforgettable finale event somewhere in their home country.

To challenge bartenders’ creativity, they’ll be asked to create a cocktail from the ingredients provided in a Mystery Box at the competition finale.
A photo of the Live Naked Experience bartenders making cocktails


Bartending teams present their Naked Sour and take part in further challenges and activities designed to test creativity and originality.

This liberating out-of-bar experience helps participants leave the pressures of everyday life behind, inspiring them to enjoy the spirit of freedom and ultimately Live Naked.
Oscar and Johan from A Bar Called Gemma with the Live Naked Experience: Bar Swap competition trophy for the Nordics


One overall winning bar is selected from each country, with the winning bartender teams then swapping bars for an incredible cultural immersion experience.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows bartenders to expand their knowledge, build new relationships, learn new skills and discover new ingredients, flavours and techniques 🤓.


In the UK, Panda & Sons (Sean Cavanagh) from Edinburgh scooped the national title. From the Nordics, A Bar Called Gemma (Johan Evers & Oscar Drigoris) reigned supreme, and in South Korea it was Villa Records (Yeongjun Jo & Hyundo Cho). Stealing the crown in the US was Morgan Zuch & Liz Senyak from Mandarin Heights and, last but not least, from Taiwan - Vender (Darren Lim & Summer Chen) was deemed the champion.

Panda & Sons Bar Swap

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