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2 Minutes With... Richard Moss

2 Minutes with Someone Naked is our series highlighting and celebrating the inspiring individuals who #LiveNaked. Richard Moss of @rogueprojects, designer of the Naked Dispensary at @thealchemistuk in Glasgow, is just one example of someone who has followed their own path, defied convention and done things a little differently... 🙌

Read on to discover more on Richard's unconventional journey and the unique blend of engineering and science he brings to his designs 💡✍️

Richard Moss of Rogue Projects

Hi Richard, can you tell us a little about what you do?

Rogue Projects is a product design studio.

Our specialty is weaving aspects of engineering and science through concepts that we develop.

You designed The Dispensary for Naked Malt at The Alchemist in Glasgow, where did your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes through just hard work, drawing for me personally. It sort of pops into your head, when you least expect it.

The Dispensary being assembled

What's your favourite part of the work you do?

That early phase of drawing, where it's a lot freer and the ideas can flow. Then piecing everything together is very satisfying.

What would you say to someone looking to get into a similar field of work?

Consider the power of drawing to solve problems, and to consider problems in 3D space.

Drawing is a means of communicating ideas and I think is a very powerful tool.

A pencil and measure

What's the best moment of your career so far?

I applied to work with a very good Spanish architect. His name was Calatrava, and we worked on the transportation hub at Ground Zero in New York. That was a very formative experience.

We have to ask! Do you have a favourite Naked Malt cocktail?

The whisky on its own!

From The Dispensary machine though I do love the sour.

Three Naked Malt cocktails

Cheers Richard!

The Dispensary recently won for both Technology and Best in Show in the Product category at the Hospitality Design Awards!


The Dispensary in the Alchemist Glasgow

If you can't reach the Alchemist in Glasgow, don't worry! We have plenty of delicious Naked Sour recipes for you to try at home and don't forget to follow us on Instagram to catch our next edition of 2 Minutes With Someone Naked ✌️

október 19, 2023