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A Valentine’s Day
Love Letter, Naked Style

Valentine’s Day is nearing,
a time for chocolates, cards and flowers.
The perfect time to tell the world,
about this whisky of ours.

Welcome to a story,
a love letter – if you will.
Great if you’re a fan of whisky
or have some time to kill.

As you may have noticed,
we’re not your usual whisky brand.
Conventional thinking, we believe
is just a little bland.

We don’t rely on gimmicks,
or use terms we can’t pronounce. 
Because we believe, with all our hearts, 
it’s what’s inside that counts. 

Each and every bottle
contains the world’s finest single malts.
You can try, but we don’t think
you’ll find a single fault.

Extra-matured in Naked casks
for no less than half a year. 
A rich and fruity flavour, 
of which we’re fond of here. 

So that’s the story of how it’s made,
but what of how to serve it?
Must you add some water or some ice
to make it perfect?

When it comes to drinking Naked, 
there are no rules, we say. 
In a cocktail, on the rocks, 
it’s best enjoyed your way.

“But whisky doesn’t belong in cocktails,
it’s for weddings and old men”.
You’ll change your mind, when you try
our suggestion at the end.

So far you’ve learned a lot about
this spirit we adore.
But dig a little deeper,
you’ll discover that there’s more.

A way of life that we embrace,
too important not to mention.
Forget about the beaten track,
forget about convention.

The Naked way is simple: 
Just do what makes you smile. 
March to any beat you like,
bang your drum in style. 

Live fearlessly and brave,
bold through and through.
Disconnect and reconnect,
get back to the Naked you.

Valentine’s Day is nearing, 
a time for chocolates, cards and flowers.  
And now we’re running out of rhymes,
about this whisky of ours.

We’ve declared our love, poured our hearts out, 
made our feelings known.  
We hope that now you’ll try 
a little pouring of your own. 

Introducing the Bitter Sweet Symphony, our Naked Valentine’s Day serve. 

A red Valentine's Day themed cocktail using Naked malt with a strawberry garnish sits on a table.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

• 40ml Naked Malt
• 20ml Aperol 
• 20ml lemon Juice 
• 10ml vanilla syrup 
• 2 strawberries 
• 20ml egg white / aquafaba 

Then just grab a glass (a coupette if you have one) and follow these four simple steps: 

1. Muddle strawberries
2. Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake hard with ice
3. Double strain the liquid into a coupette glass
4. Garnish with a strawberry heart <3

And voila! The Bitter Sweet Symphony is complete. Now just light a few candles, stick on some smooth tunes, and surprise someone special with the cocktail of their dreams. 

It’ll be love at first sight ?.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Naked Team


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Naked News

February 12, 2021