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Introducing Naked Malt

A bottle of Naked Malt whisky sits on a picnic basket with some glasses and people beside

Here at Naked, we’ve never been afraid of mixing things up a little. Yes change can be scary, but it can also be exciting, liberating and exactly what you need. 

And so, on World Whisky Day, we’re delighted to finally reveal our big secret to the world. Naked Grouse has officially become Naked Malt, and with it a shiny new, 100% recyclable bottle that we can’t wait for you to see. 

You’ve probably got some questions, let’s hope we’ve got the answers. Scroll 👇 to find out...

The neck of a bottle of Naked Malt blended malt scotch whisky


‘Naked’ because of the Naked first-fill sherry casks that make our whisky so unique. 

‘Malt’ because Naked is a blend made up exclusively of the world’s finest single malts.

It’s as simple as that!



On every bottle of Naked Malt, you’ll now find one of our trademark ‘Naked’ casks, a homage to the unique extra-maturation process that helps shape the distinctive and versatile whisky inside.

Close up shot of the Naked cask on the front of the Naked Malt whisky bottle

Not only do these casks play a big part in our story, it turns out they look great on a bottle too 😜.

A bottle of Naked Malt Scotch Whisky shows the Naked cask on the front of the bottle

We don’t believe in labels (literally). It’s what’s inside that counts, so we wanted to liberate the whisky and let the quality really shine through.

The new packaging is also 100% recyclable, and to acknowledge the care and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle, each will now carry a signature from Naked Malt’s Master Blender, Diane Stuart.



No. We’ve talked about how change is good, but some things are just better left the way they are. The liquid in the bottle is still the same great-tasting, award-winning whisky it always was. Phew! 

In terms of how best to drink Naked Malt, that hasn’t changed either. We believe whisky should be enjoyed your way, and thanks to its amazing versatility, Naked Malt will always give you the freedom to do just that.

Looking down on a bottle of Naked Malt whisky which casts a long shadow


Keep your eyes peeled, the brand new Naked Malt bottles will be landing in a store (or bar) near you very soon 👀. 

A bottle of Naked Malt whisky sits beside a glass of Naked whisky containing a large ice cube

And there you have it, the story of Naked Malt and our brand new bottle. Simple, stripped-back, beautifully unadorned. Because why dress something up for the sake of it? Especially when it tastes this good...


Naked News

May 15, 2021