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Burns Night 2021:
Enjoy It Your Way

For over 200 years, the 25th of January has been a day to enjoy haggis, poetry and whisky – and of course celebrate the life and work of the great man himself, Robert Burns.

The annual Burns Supper is a tradition that dates all the way back to 1801. To put that into perspective, that’s before The Simpsons. 

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And while traditions can be great, there's nothing wrong with putting your own twist on things.

Here at Naked, we prefer to mix things up a little and, the way we see it, Burns would’ve been perfectly okay with that. After all, he wasn’t a fan of following the crowd either. Born into a working class farming family in a small Scottish village, poetry was the last thing he was supposed to do. He defied every convention, and look how that turned out! 

So how can you celebrate Burns Night if, like us, you like to do things a little differently?

Well, the typical Burns Night tends to involve whisky, right? At a traditional Burns Supper, people would probably fall off their chairs if you rocked up with a whisky cocktail. But when it comes to whisky, we quite like doing things differently.  

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That’s why we’ve created Rabbie’s Sour, the best drink to enjoy on Burns Night bard none (see what we did? Ok, we’ll move on). 

To make Rabbie’s Sour, you'll need: 

  • 40ml Naked (obvs)
  • 20ml Campari
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • 20ml Orange blossom honey
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • 20ml Egg / Aquafaba (optional)

Then just follow these three simple steps: 

1. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and shake hard with ice
2. Double strain the liquid into a rocks glass filled with ice
3. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and dehydrated orange slice

Ta-Da! You've got yourself a delicious whisky cocktail that, like Burns himself, is refreshingly different. 

Rabbie's Sour cocktail from Naked sits on a wooden table

So why not get the family together - or your friends over Zoom - and create our special sour this Burns Night? Our recipe is just a guide, you can create whatever cocktail you like, with whatever you have in the cupboard. When it comes to whisky, our only rule is that you should enjoy it however you want to. 

When you’ve got your cocktail in hand, why stop there? There are lots of other ways to put your own twist on your Burns Night celebrations. You could use haggis to mix up your favourite Mexican dish, or try haggis ice cream (it’s really a thing). You could even take some of Burns’ poetry and turn it into a rap battle with your friends. 

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Whatever you end up doing on January 25th, make sure you enjoy yourselves and live the Naked way. And when you raise a glass, remember Robert Burns, who certainly did just that.


The Naked Team.

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January 21, 2021