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Living Naked is about living free from conventional thinking.  

It’s taking a bold step off the beaten track. It's realising that a fresh perspective can lead to greater things. It’s celebrating that exhilarating moment when you can drop the act and get back to the real you. The Naked you. 

That's when we’re at our happiest, bare of any pretence, moving to the beat of our own drum. 

So go on, Live Naked. You know you want to… 

Square photo of two people standing on a hill facing out, wearing winter gear, looking at the ocean and hills in front of them


Take the opportunity to experience things from a fresh perspective with your very own tailored Naked adventure. The Live Naked Experience offers you and three friends the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime personalised staycation getaway.


The Live Naked Experience: Bar Swap

The Live Naked Experience: Bar Swap is an annual competition offering a unique exploration of cultures, creativity and cocktails, bringing together some of the world’s best bartenders to compete for an incredible prize…

A bartender pouring a drink in to a cocktail measure