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This Naked twist on the classic Italian dessert contains whisky, coffee AND ice cream. Yes, you did read that correctly… 😋😋

A photo of a Naked Affogato Cocktail


30ml Naked Malt
2 Oranges
4tbsp Ground coffee
2 Scoops of ice cream
1 Cup of Demerara sugar


1. Add coffee to a cafetiere.

2. Peel oranges and add peel to the cafetiere, fill with boiling water and stir.

3. Brew for 3 mins, then slowly plunge the lid and pour into a mixing jug.

4. While it’s still hot, add sugar and stir until it combines into a syrup.

5. Add the Naked Malt to the citrus coffee syrup and stir.

6. Add ice cream scoops to a martini glass, then pour over your hot syrup to finish.